We provide an exceptional place for our team to work

We provide exceptional service and value to our customers and being their drayage carrier of choice



Rail Connect will be the safest, most reliable, respected, and trusted trucking company in Ontario




We value our team and their contributions    

We value effective communication

We value respect for others

We value honesty, integrity, ethics and loyalty

We value initiative

We value continuous improvement

We value our community



Provide a positive, safe and rewarding work environment

Provide the highest level of customer service to our customers

Provide the best value to our customers

Facilitate the continuous skills and knowledge development of our team

Contribute our time and resources to our community


Code of Conduct


We conduct ourselves in a professional manner. We treat our team members, customers, vendors and all others with dignity and respect.

Conduct that goes against our values is not acceptable at Rail Connect and is not tolerated.