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Export Declaration (B-13) filing

The export declaration or B-13 is a document required to be submitted by Canadian exporters for most shipments valued over $ 2000.00 destined for countries other than the United States and its territories. 

Rail Connect Transportation is a registered service provider and can electronically file your B-13's directly to Canada Customs.


The benefits of having Rail Connect file your B-13's electronically include:

  • Immediate confirmation of the filing
  • Quicker truck transit times as no extra stops are required to file in person
  • Lowest possible truck transportation cost as no extra stops are paid to file in person
  • Clear and legible proof of report for the exporters records
  • The electronic copy of the submitted export declaration can be easily emailed to Canada Customs if requested
  • Eliminates the need for the exporter to drive to a Canada Customs facility to file in person saving employee time and vehicle costs

The end result is that we can save you time, money, and frustration by filing your B-13's electronically